May 9, 2018

3D Laser Cutting Services

3 Axis and 3D Laser Cutting Services

Since many years North American Laser is one of the proven sources for metal fabrication. Experts here found several advantages of choosing 3D method because of reduction of manufacturing cost due to the increase in precision and repeatability. 3D laser cutting services are so trends that they might soon replace many drilling, milling, and cutting operations that too in low production cost.

How does this work?

A high coherent beam of light is used in laser cutting process which is focused on the workpiece. The power of the beam on material either melts, burns, vaporize away or blown away by a jet of gas.

Here at North American Lasers, we provide 3D laser cutting services which allow the quick forming of the messed up parts at very high production rate and the other form of laser cutting 2D is used for flat sheet materials and also in piping materials.

Let’s make it very clear that generally, industries use co2 gas or solid state fiber for metal cutting. North American lasers mostly offer laser cutting services as it is fast, accurate and even repeatable. Lasers at NAL are exact, high speed, the computer-controlled machine for stamping, cutting and other means too. 3D laser cutting services at North American Laser are considered one of the best as it is a non-contact tool, its fast and even repeatedly cuts any design and shapes. This machine is smart enough to minimize the chance of errors.

North American laser talks about why are 3-Axis laser cutting is better. The laser’s cutting capacity isn’t restricted by material hardness or surface forms. You have the upside of both speed and exactness with a substantial variety of materials. As we have spared time and reduced expenses related to customary drilling techniques, we have proved that 3-Axis laser cutting does not mean high cost. Our lasers cut material as well as laser scratch any data you may require on your part amid the laser cutting procedure.

Maybe you never considered laser method because you were not familiar with the lasers adaptability or possibly you, however, thought it was excessively costly. We are continually growing new applications that procedure a regularly augmenting scope of materials. Our Drafting division will import your illustration, or the illustration we make (based off of your geometry), specifically into our PC for the model or generation handling. We can import any CAD record write… for instance, DXF, DWG, SLDDRW, IGES… and so forth.

3D laser cutting services or 3-Axis laser cutting services at North American Laser is versatile. Normally, lasers can give cutting, boring, engraving, removal and organizing and in addition welding for some materials in numerous arrangements. At North American Laser we can deal with materials from 0.001 to 0.500and are capable to cut any materials such as plastic, glass, wood, and all sort of metals. The little warmth influenced zone of a laser decreases potential twisting and distorting of the material that is being cut, and the completed cut edge commonly shows a brilliant surface complete, and insignificant to no material sullying. Let me tell you that 3-Axis Laser cutting means that part can be shaped and resized before cutting the material.

Quality management system at North American Laser has one definite motive is meeting any customer requirement for quality. Because we handle3-Axis laser cutting and 3D laser cutting services and other creative forms for some basic applications in the Aerospace and Medical businesses that require to a great degree low error rates, North American Laser keeps up the most abnormal amount of value in the business.

So, we know how to solve up your problems and all the clients in past have never been out from North American Lasers empty-handed. Call now to consult with an engineer and ask any queries related to 3D laser Cutting service or 3-Axis laser cutting.