May 9, 2018

5 Axis Laser Cutting Services

North American Laser has been successfully delivering the projects on time. We are one of the most tried and tested company in this industry. We have been offering 5 Axis Laser Cutting services with our 2000 watt and 4000 watt capacity 5-axis lasers.

North American Laser offers amazing 5 Axis laser cutting capacities and flexibility. NAL offers CO2 lasers likewise have flying optic design and can work on an expansive cluster of materials, extending from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to the pipe, aluminum, and stainless steel.

5 Axis laser cutting services provided by our experts can be applied to multiple products like architectural ornaments, Tubing, HVAC, and also for general sheet metal fabrication.

5 Axis lasers used by North American Laser have the maximum output of 6000 watts and are also 100% accurate. Here are some of the capabilities of 5-Axis Laser. This is a CO2 laser type and it has the cutting thickness up to ¾ inches, cutting width is 72 inches, cutting length is 144 m, accuracy +_ .004 in, and weight is up to 10 tons.

5 Axis laser cutting services provided by North American Laser is capable of flat, three dimensional, bevel, tubes cutting and welding. This machine is way more efficient, it is tight tolerances, precision, and has high-speed cutting. Under 5 Axis laser cutting services, NAL offers cut and welds to the flat sheet and three-dimensional parts, performs bevel cuts for the weld preparation, it has an excellent cutting quality even on thick sheets. They essentially diminish the time and labor required to create complex parts and give the best level of precision and cost-effectiveness.

North American Laser walks with the motto of making sure that clients receive high-quality parts. Along with 5 Axis laser cutting services, we offer no risk of material warping or damaging and also with no mechanical force applied. We have been successfully finishing our work than other cutting services. North American Laser have our own committed quality control division giving our customers the security in realizing that all their 5-Axis work is checked by us before leaving the building. North American Laser has several laser cutting services with all different functionality and attributes. Let me tell you that 5-Axis laser cutting means that the part can be cut and can be resized before it is cut, which eventually came out as faster production speeds and complete finished piece.

At North American Laser we cut and stock an extensive variety of sheet metals, and we can likewise cut material given by our customers. Our best 5 Axis Laser cutting services would laser able to cut pressings, spinning’s, expulsions and tubes up to the accompanying thicknesses: Mild Steel: 12mm, Stainless Steel: 8mm, Aluminium: 8mm.

Our experts at North American Laser are capable of delivering huge cutting projects at a very reasonable price and to your schedule. Our fast 5 Axis laser cutting machine is adaptable to your particular needs, empowering us to process any kind of 3D part.

Every laser cutting services company is out to gain expertise in this technology. 5 Axis laser cutting is only economical and timely but also much more effective and accurate. Our team at North American Laser possesses the machinery, capability, and expertise in the technology to provide solutions like tube cutting, stamping, engraving and many other prefabricated parts with utmost precision and accuracy. Just a prototype or need high volumes of production, the experienced team is here to work with you to ensure you get the best product possible.

We are always there to look into your matter and feel free to contact us regarding any laser cutting issues and there are even many technical resources online.

A huge and spacious premise at North American laser make work easier and has the capacity to take on fast work no matter how short the deadline is. Customers all around in North America and Canada can contact us 24*7 for any sort of cutting action. Our experts are completely dedicated to their work, so that how we offer one of the fastest 5 Axis laser cutting services in North America and Canada.