May 22, 2018

Custom Metal Laser Cutting Services

We at North American Laser are expert in custom metal laser cutting service and are also deal in substance like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Our experts are very strict over time and make sure they deliver the product in given time.

Custom laser cutting service at North American laser is majorly for making custom parts quickly and economically for any product. We assure you to give the lower costing for custom metal laser cutting services.

Custom laser cutting services make the custom parts out of plastic, wood, metal, rubber or even thin steel. Now you have to make a design on a computer, and we will have custom parts with you. Let me tell you that with the help of aluminum laser cutting service, you can have quick and perfect design that you cannot or is even difficult to achieve from your hands.

Custom laser cutting services can help you get smooth curves and can even let you engrave text and logos on any sort of material. We offer useful services for all industries of anyone. Our designers even help you to draw your part if you don’t have a computer to do that.

Laser cutting materials and capabilities:

Experts at North American laser can laser cut materials like plastic, wood, metal, paper, cloth and more. We even take your material too.

Let me tell you, you can create custom, two-dimensional plastic parts best for the variety of projects via our custom laser cutting service.

Experts at North American laser can laser cut anything you draw, which includes smooth curves, small screw hole.

What we can:

  • Laser cut 1/2”acrylic or wood easily
  • Can easily cut steel and spring steel to 0.060”
  • Can easily cut thin material which includes 0.003” mylar sheet
  • Easily gives cut and even engrave
  • Can easily cut holes with the exact size of the laser beam, near about 0.01”
  • We use different file types like CDR, AI, PDF, SVG, DWG, DXF.
  • Can cut the part according to your design.

Different materials we provide in laser cutting:

Well, apart from plastic laser cutting services and aluminum laser cutting services, the North American laser can even make custom wood, foam, and as well as custom metal part. We stock acrylic, ABS, Delrin, Mylar, PETG, and styrene in different colors and thicknesses. You may likewise send us your own material.

We have high power CO2 laser, which quickly converts your design into a laser cut product under plastic laser cutting services. We can cut any kind of plastic laser cutting, including Acrylic, ABS, and Polycarbonate departing a great complete, even on complex outlines. We have various lasers cut, plastic sheet material alternatives, CNC metal cutting. Plastic Laser Cutting services incorporate signage, inside and outside stylistic layout and showcases.

Our tried and tested system, along with state of the art machinery with the supervision of experts safeguard your interests by delivering refined edges, tight tolerances and perfectly finished products for your personal or professional purposes. Our custom metal laser cutting services are perfect for high volumes with repeatable results for each product or prototype. With the ability to upload prints and DXF files directly into the laser cutting system, we maximize the utilization of the product and also increase manufacturing efficiency and accuracy.

Aluminum Laser Cutting services offered by the North American laser are used for smooth and exactness cutting of aluminum materials. Our laser cutting administrations are at standard with industry guidelines in giving best administrations.

Costing of laser cutting:

The cost of a laser-cut part is dictated by to what extent the parts take to cut on the machine, the measure of work included (emptying and confirming parts), and the measure of hazard engaged with cutting a section (numerous medium-sized pieces are less unsafe to cut than a solitary substantial piece that takes hours to cut.

File Creation cost of Laser cutting:

On the off chance that you are not ready to give a vector-organize document of your parts for laser cutting (DXF, DWG, CDR, AI, SVG, or PDF record), we may have the capacity to draw your part on the PC for you for $60 every hour with a $15 least.

To ask for a statement that incorporates document creation, please present a standard record write in the statement ask for a frame that conveys precisely the part you require. The document can be any file type that we can read, for example, the content document with a composed depiction, a sweep of a hand outline (JPG, GIF, BMP, PDF), a taunt up in Word, Paint, or Excel, and so forth.

We would love to answer your queries related to custom metal laser cutting services, so feel free to call 24*7for our services.