May 29, 2018

Waterjet Metal Cutting Services

North American Laser is known for using the latest machines providing waterjet metal cutting services to our overall clients. These are incredibly accurate and best CNC laser cutting machinery and programming software. Waterjet cutting services at North American laser gives the perfect cut from the raw material used. Our prime motto is to provide quality, competitive pricing and desired result that you though off.

What is waterjet cutting?

Waterjet Cutting is a strategy for cutting materials utilizing a stream of water. This is possible using water just for delicate/less thick materials, for example, froth or by adding a rough to the waterjet for cutting hard/thick materials, for example, device steel. The water is constrained through an exactness hole, or gem, to make a very much characterized stream of water. This flood of water is usually delivered under weights of 40,000 to 60,000 PSI (pounds per square inch). For examination, the water weight in your home is around 60 PSI.

Waterjet metal cutting services came into existence in 50’s by Dr. Norman Franz. He was seeking for a machine which easily cuts lumber from large trees, but he never made a lumber cutting machine, his discovery helped waterjet cutting services hail in today’s market.

Waterjet metal cutting Machinery at North American laser is equipped with 2-axis and a 150-inch maximum length capacity. We even have an ability to relocate the parts and continue much size material.

North American Laser is among the industry veterans, providing waterjet metal cutting services to our priceless customer. Waterjet cutting services at North American Laser are carried out by our experts under safest machinery around the world. Our experts are known for providing these services within the given period and that too with the perfect outcome. We assure you to charge a reasonable price for tube cutting services.

Why we offer Waterjet cutting services

  • Because this cuts any sort of material
  • Little fixturing required
  • Environmental friendly
  • Complete cold cutting, no heat omits
  • Can provide cut in any direction
  • Makes cut without giving holes.
  • Reduce dust and harmful gases
  • Provides stress-free cutting
  • Faster than any other cutting machines.
  • Flexible machine integration

Other advantages

 Well, laser cutting has the best advantage that it can easily cut complex shapes. Waterjet laser cutting services can actually provide you sharp corner, holes, bevels and even little inner radii.

North American laser are using technology like this is environmentally friendly. This has a very clean process as it doesn’t emit any harmful gasses, chips, and grindings.

North American laser provides waterjet cutting services to harder materials like bulletproof glass, metal, ceramics and many more. This not only cut, but it also offers the most effective cutting to any element.

The North American laser uses pure water, it is conceivable to cut materials, elastomers, non-wovens, thin plastics, sustenance items and numerous different items. These materials can be cut at paces of a few hundred feet for every minute.

Waterjet cutting services at North American laser also provides cut to fiber-reinforced materials, reflective substance, rough surfaces and stacked layers of different materials. This process undergoes in a microscopic level, so the surface finish is not an issue.

Process Review

The material that will be cut is kept on a bed, and the PC controller is customized. Whenever began, the PC moves the spout around the bed to cut the material with outstanding accuracy.

Materials that waterjet machine can cut

  • Mild
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tool Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Alloys
  • UHMW
  • Delrin
  • Phenolic
  • Laminates
  • Cork
  • Spring
  • Steel
  • Lexan
  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
  • Reflective Metals
  • Rubber
  • Ceramic
  • Composites

Why Choose Us

Hope we have almost convinced you to choose us for waterjet cutting services on your any sort of material. We stand 24*7 for our amazing clients and you are free to call us anytime to solve your any queries related to waterjet metal cutting services. As I told you we have skilled professionals who will assure you to provide desired results.